not everyone wants to be saved

Hey my name's Annie and I like a lot of things.

Something in ear just popped and owwwwww

1x03 - 4x12
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characters that are incredibly loyal [pained noises] characters that are incredibly loyal to the point that that loyalty leads to their downfall [pained noises increase in volume and amount]

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new life goal: to enjoy at least one thing as much as anthony mackie enjoys being falcon

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Leaving your own territory, that's rather impolite, isn't it?
Leaving your own territory, that's rather impolite, isn't it?
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While I live… and until I die… I am an Avenger!

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Oh, I get dark oh and I’m in hell 
I need a friend, oh but I can’t yell 
Yeah, I’m no good, no good to anyone 
Coz all I care about is being number one 

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COMIC BOOK MEME 2/5 favourite male characters: Tommy Shepherd (Speed)

I don’t have feelings and I don’t hold hands.

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So far….Wanda and Billy are done. On to Jean-Paul. 

There are purposefully unattended sections to them. That’s because Daredevil will be using that space; so no need to put the time in.

As much as I’m  enjoying learning illustrator, I’m really looking forward to finishing.

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